Solicitors & Surveys


The legal process involved in buying or selling a property can be daunting and it is imperative that you employ the right people to get the job done efficiently. That is why Knights has gone to great lengths to connect with the best legal firms and networks so as to ensure our clients benefit from the very highest standard of conveyancing. A no-obligation quote for these services can be provided at any point, whether you are buying, selling or simply fact-finding in preparation for your move.


A good surveyor is worth their weight in gold and can provide you with an invaluable insight into your next home or investment. The team at Knights has dealt with countless surveyors over many years and has personally selected those whom we are happy to recommend. With capabilities of providing a full range of services, from RICS or ‘Red Book’ Valuations and Home Condition Reports, to Home Buyer Reports, Building Surveys and Structural Engineers Reports – Knights has you covered.