There may sometimes be factors that, directly or indirectly, affect a property’s saleability on the open market in the ‘normal’ way; these could include a property’s condition, issues with the title deeds or remaining length of lease, or even proximity to a flight path or busy main road! That’s where Knights Estate Agents comes in. We have successfully connected with a network of award-winning property auctioneers at local, regional and national levels, allowing us to provide a full auction service on all kinds of properties, be it residential, commercial, mixed use and land, right across the board.

With exchange of contracts at the drop of a gavel, and typically just a 28-day process before completion, this could be the ideal selling option for those in need of a swift turnaround, assurance of an exchange or with a trickier property. For more information as to how the auction process works or how it could benefit you, contact us by email using, or call in and speak to one of our team.